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Rhodium Plating Solutions

Kreizel rhodium plating solutions are prepared with 100% virgin rhodium obtained from only the highest quality sources. The result is a mirror bright, tarnish-resistant finish that will add shimmering elegance to all your fine jewelry. Our products do not require special additives and therefore are easy to use. In addition, nickel plating is not required when rhodium plating over silver for a tarnish-resistant finish.

Rhodium Plating Solutions
Available in Pre-Mixed Baths
½ Pint Bottles ....... ½ gram
Pint Bottles ........... 1 gram
Quart Bottles ......... 2 grams

Specialty Baths
2 gram Pints
3 gram Pints
4 gram Quarts
5 gram Quarts
Concentrated Rhodium Pen Plating, Replenisher & Start-up Solutions
½ gram bottles
1 gram bottle
2 gram bottle
5 gram bottle
8 gram bottle
10 gram bottle
Black Rhodium Solutions
Pen Pals®
1/2 gram pen,
1 gram pen,
2 gram pen
Pints and Quarts for bath

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