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Activator-T™ is mixed with water as needed producing a mild acid with super etching, brightening, and cleaning properties. Activator-T chemically cleans and activates your parts to assure strong metallic bonding for the initial plate and continuous plating processes. Dissolve 1/3 lb. per gallon of water. Use at room temperature for 30-60 seconds. No rectifier required. MSDS

Black-Free™ is a black antique plating solution which is used over many different metals. The solution plates a rich black coating which is easily relievable with minor abrasion. After the article is plated, then the high spots are relieved to give the final antique look. Great alternative to flammable and toxic black lacquer dipping baths. Heat to 120-140°F, plate at 3-4 volts for 30 seconds -2 minutes. Stainless anode. MSDS

Copper Mirror™ is a bath that will deposit a consistent uniform, brilliantly bright and shiny copper over dull surfaces in just 2-10 minutes. Air agitation needed. Use at room temperature, 2-3 volts, pure copper anode.

Copper Primer™ plates a consistent uniform copper deposit in a solution that is easy to use. It can be used as a pre-plate to go over difficult to plate metals as well as a bonding metal between plating stages. Heat to 130°F, 1-2 volts for 2-5 minutes. Pure copper anode. MSDS

EARTHCOAT™ Gold Plating Solutions Gold Plating Solutions produce beautiful gold colors with a total cyanide-free technology. The plating is durable and wear resistant and produces uniform gold colors in 14K, 18K, 24K, and Rose colors. Available in bath and pen plating solutions. Bath plating-heat to 140°F, plate 3-4 volts for 30-45 seconds. Stainless anode. Bath MSDS | PEN MSDS

ElectroKing™ is an excellent soak cleaner and electrocleaner for many substrates in the jewelry and industrial industry. Simply mix 1/4 lb powder per gallon and start cleaning by simple immersion or electrocleaning. Heat to 140°F, 2-6 volts, 15-60 seconds, stainless anode. MSDS

Nickel Mirror™ plates a consistent, uniform nickel deposit that is easy to operate and maintain. It deposits brilliantly bright and shiny Nickel over dull surfaces within 10-15 minutes, over Copper Mirror™ in just 3 minutes. As a pre-plate, it enhances and brightens your rhodium, gold, and silver plating finishes. Heat to 140°F, 2-4 volts, 1-10 minutes. Nickel anode/platinized titanium anode. MSDS

PALLABRITE™ MIRROR is a maintenance free ready to use palladium plating bath purposely designed for flash plating over white metals. This product produces a consistent bright white mirror finish that is tarnish resistant. Can be used as an intermediate layer over gold, silver, palladium, and platinum or as a final plate over low end jewelry. An excellent pre-plate to save money on rhodium plating. 2.5 grams per quart bottle. Heat to 125°F, 2-3 volts, 15-30 seconds. Platinized titanium anode. MSDS

Silver-Free™ will reflect the surface of its underplate. You will plate shiny silver over shiny metals and matte silver over dull surfaces. Plate at room temperature, Plate at 1.5-1.8 volts for 15-90 seconds. Stainless or pure silver anode. MSDS

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